About us

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My name is Leyla Yucel and I am the designer behind L. YUCEL.  With years of experience working in the fashion industry for brands such as Kate Spade, Charlotte Ronson, and Ralph Lauren, I sought to continue pursuing my passion for creating in a way that does not contradict my artistic and ethical ideals.  As a vegan and a designer, I've thought a lot about what it means to be innovative in fashion today. I believe true innovation can be made in a designer's use of materials - creating something that is innovative in an environmental and social way, not just in an aesthetic way. This is how I would like to push boundaries and this is why I've invested in cutting edge materials for our 2018 collection. I'd like to press further now for sustainable innovation throughout our supply chain.  In 2018, we will be introducing new products to our line that feature innovative, sustainable materials such as Piñatex™ and Ultrasuede®. 

 I am thrilled to introduce these products to the market and hope you enjoy our bags as much I've enjoyed creating them.  Please check out our Instagram page for recent collaborations with animal-rights organizations and public figures that are making waves in cruelty-free causes.  

Also, please always feel free to contact us with your feedback and ideas - we love to hear from you and we are very open to collaborations.  




During 2018, we will be introducing innovative vegan materials into our collection, such as Piñatex™, a sustainable leather-alternative made from pineapple leaf fibers and Ultrasuede®, a vegan suede made from 100% recycled fibers. 

 The vegan leather used to create our 2017 collection handbags (currently in our shop) are made from a material called polyurethane, or 'PU'. Polyurethane is a greener, more environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC and leather. It is mostly biodegradable, which PVC is not, and Polyurethane has a natural, soft hand-feel that does not require the solvents that are used to soften PVC or leather. In most cases, leather production is a chemical-laden process involving heavy, toxic metals such as chromium. Furthermore, leather has an environmental impact in that the raising of livestock is a leading cause of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.


Our manufacturer is based in Hong Kong and China and was selected based on their quality of workmanship, excellent communication, and their good standing with social-compliance as evaluated by the BSCI. They are true partners in our mission - without their expertise, workmanship, and team work the products you see here could not be as beautifully made.


As the brand grows, it is part of our mission to continuously explore green and ethical options to use in all aspects of the creation of our products. We also pledge to partner and contribute to animal-rights and ethical organizations such as Mercy For Animals to expand and interconnect our missions.